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moss air

moss air


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basic components: moss air x 1, moss filter x 1, magnetic ball(silver) x 1, cotton filter x 3

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Size : 75mm x 251mm x 110mm / Battery Capacity : 2000mAh(UL) / Power Supply : Type-C
Input : 5V _ 2A / Water Tank Capacity : 320ml / Spray Amount : 40ml/hr
Moss Area : 60x200mm / Weight : 600g
Wireless Usage Time : Humidification Mode - 3~4 hours, Combined Use Mode - 7~8 hours
*To maximize the air purification effect of Moss Air, it is recommended to alternate between humidification mode and terrarium mode. These usage times are measured based on actual usage environments. You can experience more efficient air purification by using the combined mode.
LED mood light
Humidifier Function :
Coverage area 9.9m², can operate continuously for 8 hours after fully filling the water tank
Terrarium Function :
Active Growth Mode - Automatically waters moss for 5 minutes every 3 hours (1~12 hours)
Resting Growth Mode - Rest period for optimal moss growth (12~24 hours)Returns to Growth Activation Mode automatically after 24 hours
Water Level Sensor : Stops operating when water level is low